In April/May 2020 the Dutch people and a civilian grass-roots organisation called Keep Them Rolling (KTR) will be re-enacting the Liberation of Holland by the Allies, specifically 1st Canadian Army.  A key portion to this is the Humanitarian Mission to save as many Dutch civilians as possible following the Hunger Winter of 1945 – Operation FAUST was the ground portion, and Op MANNA was the aerial delivery of foodstuff to the starving civilian population behind the Nazi German lines, traversing them in orderly, controlled, military convoys…

CFLA intent, is that in conjunction with the Royal Canadian Logistics Service, we will sponsor a Battlefield Tour to coincide with the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands, specifically commemorating the Humanitarian Aid mission performed by Canadians to save the starving Dutch population…it will be known as Op FAUST 2020.  Although details are still being worked, outline plan sees a 10 day Tour of NW Europe concentrating on Holland in late April and early May 2020.

Dutch civilians loading a Canadian-supplied truck with food, following agreement amongst Germans, Dutch and Allies about the distribution of food to the Dutch population. Near Wageningen, Netherlands, 3 May 1945.
Photo by Alexander M. Stirton. Department of National Defence / National Archives of Canada, PA-134417.

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Found this interesting documentary film on internet. In the beginning British Army trucks under Operation Faust delivering food-rations. Would like to emphasize that the Dutch had almost no trucks and horses / carts of their own when Faust started. This documentary made by Royal Canadian Army clearly proves that……..


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