Membership in the CFLA is centrally administered and managed through this website, with the bulk of the funding being devolved to the local chapter for their program delivery. On registering, you will receive a welcome letter and a Membership Card for the current (or others you have paid for) year.  In addition, those who pay their full membership when first joining CFLA, are entitled to a RCLS Trade Coin if they did not receive one on joining RCLS Fund.  People who retire from the Royal Canadian Logistics Service will receive a free annual membership in CFLA (but will only receive their RCLS trade coin when they make their first payment) for the next year, use the Promo Code that has been provided or contact the membership member at  or the National President at

You have the choice of affiliating with a local chapter or remaining a Member at Large.  As a member at large, you are welcome at any chapter, but only have voting rights at the National level.  We are exploring the option of having virtual chapters, primarily on trade and environmental lines.  These have not been established, yet.  Let the membership chair know if you are interested in administering a virtual chapter.

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