Lost Trails

Feedback indicates that many of the Logistics family would like to be able to locate folks that they had previously served or trained with. We are going to try to help make that a little easier by using this page. However, we must ensure that we establish two-way confidentiality, given that this website is in the public domain. Therefore, you can reach us by writing to us at lost_trails@cfla-alfc.org and ask us to help. We will then post the individual’s name on the webpage and ask readers to send in information to the same email address. If we get something concrete, we will then attempt to contact the “lost” member and see if they are willing to share data. Let’s give it a try.

Our first effort would be to ask if anyone has any information about the status or contact data for:

  • Courtney Silas Parkes III – Supply

    Looking for status/contact info for Capt(Ret’d) Jim Peacock, RCAPC.  He attended the first Basic Logistics Officers Course (BLOC) at CFSAL, CFB Borden in 1969 and is suspected of taking early retirement in the Kingston area