Logistics Service Advisor

The governance of the Logistics Service is complex given its impressive diversity and size. The Logistics Service is the largest in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and comprises one officer Occupation which includes eight specialties/sub-specialities and eight NCM Occupations, serving in the three Environments.

Colonel B.K. Johnson, CD

Due to its size, structure, and complexity, managing the Logistics Service is challenging. As such, in order to ensure unity of effort across the Occupations and Environments, the Logistics Service requires the right governance framework and processes in order to ensure the successful production, development and sustainment of highly trained and motivated Logisticians. Effective Branch Governance is dependent upon key committees, councils and advisers, all operating with the view to achieve the Branch vision which is:

A Logistics Service that delivers world class sustainment to achieve operational and institutional excellence

Originally published in March 2010, the Logistics Service Governance Framework defines the relationships between senior leadership and advisers, with respect to the various councils, committees and working groups and their mandates.

Read the full framework here.

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